Lighthouse Photo Institute photography workshop in Pabean Market, Surabaya City, Indonesia at June 2016.

Photographer Shamow'el Rama Surya tutored for 6 days in June 2016 for a beginner photographer Anton Gautama who starting study photography in 2015, and the result is a photobook "Pabean Passage". This photo book published by Afterhours Book Publishing in Frankfurt Buchmesse, Germany in 2016. Photographer Lans Brahmantyo is the director of Afterhours Books. The photography workshop organized by Lighthouse Photo Institute in Surabaya City, Indonesia.

Photographer Shamow'el Rama Surya tutored again photographer Anton Gautama in a photography workshop in Surabaya City, Indonesia at July 28, 2016. Organized by Lighthouse Photo Institute. Later on, this workshop result is a photo book titled Home Sweet Home published by Afterhours Books Publishing in Frankfurt Foto Forum at October 2017.

The theme is an exploration of The Chinese culture through their houses. This is a kind of a visual ethnographic research. In the beginning the participant (photographer Anton Gautama) have an idea to make a photo story for his next photo project about "klitikan" or a street second hand goods seller in Surabaya City. The tutor told him there is a risky and quite danger because his equipment he uses are Leica cameras and Phase One medium format digital camera. Robbery cases happen many times in Surabaya City. Photographer Shamow'el Rama Surya showed some images from his long period photo project since 2006 about Chinese houses in China and in Indonesia. The participant interested to start a photo project about The Chinese house in Indonesia. This is the beginning story. After past the mentoring process, Photographer Anton Gautama have a strong portfolio about Chinese house in Indonesia. Congratulations! Well, How could you wipe out the history? Too early for getting amnesia!

Photo by Shamow'el Rama Surya

Urban Photography Workshop in Jakarta City,tutored by photographer Shamow'el Rama Surya and organized by Lighthouse Photo Institute in October 2017.